How necessary it is for teachers and schools to self-assess their competences? By doing so, they have the chance to identify strengths and weaknesses and therefore improve them. The L2C project aims to provide free access to the participants to a set of 3 online self-assessment tools covering the areas of leadership in STEM education, innovative use of ICT in teaching and digital citizenship. The participant schools of the project will use the self-assessment tools in order to become aware of their expertise levels on the different areas while identifying their need to develop further competences where their results are weak.

European Schoolnet has developed the three tools and will adapt them to the project's needs. The tools are the Future Classroom Maturity Model, the eSafety label and the STEM Label. The Future Classroom Maturity Model enables schools to assess their capacity to be innovative in learning and teaching, supported by technology. The eSafety label tool assesses the responsible use of internet and mobile technology at the level of the school as an organisation and the STEM Label tool is for the self-assessment of the STEM schools. 

Future Classroom Lab
Maturity Tool

eSafety Label

STEM School Label