L2C Policy Makers Interview

L2C Learning Leadership for Change Project has interviewed Policy Makers about the implementation of Shared Leadership in schools

Notwithstanding the current circumstances, we interviewed policy makers about their experience. More importantly, what policy makers can do in order to support distributed approach in schools.

Thanks to the Policy Makers who starred in this video:

  • Jan De Craemer, Department of Education & Training, Flanders (Belgium)
  • Javier Magdaleno Fuentetaja, General Directorate for Innovation and Teacher Training, Castilla y León (Spain)
  • Hilde Lesage, Department of Education & Training, Flanders (Belgium)
  • Fernando Franco, Directorate-General for Education, Portugal
  • Ellen Vanderhoven, Department of Education and Training, Belgium
  • Antonello Giannelli, President of the National Union of School Leaders, Italy