L2C National Policy Meeting and National Policy Dialogue

On 11 and 12 December, two important meetings were held at the Indire headquarters in Florence as part of the KA2 L2C project

The first appointment was the National Leadership Workshop, a national meeting between the schools participating in the project which, from the two partners where EUN and Indire, made it possible to share the work done so far by all the actors involved in the L2C context.

The project and the next steps involving the Italian and foreign schools participating in the initiative were presenteda reflection in view of the drafting of guidelines and recommendations for schools.

Useful resources from the National Leadership Workshop:

The following day, 12 December, the National Policy Dialogue Meeting was held , a national meeting between the participants in the project (schools, EUN and Indire). Professional networks, some USRs and the Italian National Agency Erasmus + Indire participated in the event, extended to interested parties on the topic of shared leadership. The objective of the meeting was to make the L2C project known to an ever wider community of actors, thus creating common bases for defining the reference guidelines and developing networks of interest.

Materials from the National Policy Dialogue Meeting:


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