Double School Exchange Meeting in Malta

During the month of October, two school exchange visits were organised by the Maltese partner St. Nicholas College. The visits were carried out between Dingli Secondary School and Rabat Middle School.

Within the framework of the KA2 Learning Leadership for Change, the first school visit took place on 21 October, where participants from the host Rabat Middle School first presented activities from 2018 which focused on STEM and Digital Literacy. During the second part of the visit, the topic of Shared Leadership was brought to the table, with insights on Rabat Middle School's results of the maturity tool and the school's action plan.

The second visit, hosted by Dingli Secondary School on 28 October, took a more student-focused approach as teachers discussed the benefits of using digital tools and platforms to boost student achievements. The second part of the visit focused on the MOOC, Action Plan and Maturity Tool results.

At the end of both exchanges, the participants went on to talk about each school's next steps.

Both exhanges are available here:


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