Second Flanders Leadership Workshop

The second Flemish Leadership Workshop on 25 September in the Future Classroom Lab

On Wednesday 25 of September 2019 the second KA2 Learning Leadership for Change workshop in Flanders took place at the Future Classroom Lab in Brussels. During the kick-off, the 1st leadership workshop and even during the school exchange meetings, focus has been very much on the role of headmasters and their role within a shared leadership model.

The morning session was dedicated to the role of the supporting team members and the role of the ICT-coordinator in particular. The L2C partners worked on a task-based profile for ICT-coordinators. Tasks were prioritized around 3 axes: technical tasks, pedagogical support and the role of the ICT-coordinator as part of the leadership team (shared leadership approach).

In the afternoon sessions, the schools reported about their experience with the L2C Mini MOOC and presented their action plans to the whole group.

Stay tuned for the next School Exchange meeting in KA Redingenhof Leuven, mid November!

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