The first Italian school exchange visit: INDIRE goes to Milan

L2C and its impact on I.T.S.T. "Gentileschi"

For the first school exchange meeting, INDIRE's Italian KA3 Learning Leadership for Change  partner started off in Milan. The representatives of the three schools met at the end of March on the occasion of the visit to the I.T.S.T. "Gentileschi" where the school is successfully implementing shared leadership in the three key areas. As far as digital citizenship is concerned, it organised an extracurricular path for selected groups of students on information literacy who shared in the class the competences acquired triggering off teachers' curiosity and interest.

The organization of training course to supply teachers with ICT competences was kindled by a genuine interest from teachers eachers and was welcomed as an opportunity of professional development. Regarding STEM subjects, the school availed itself of the advice of two Boston's MIT near-graduates who had been guests of the school for a month and tested learning units in co-teaching. The head teacher's staff, teaching staff and students worked together also for the spreading and use of Soclo, a social platform for sharing resources, lessons, tasks and online collaboration. The idea of governance that L2C brings forward demonstrated that this way of working is functional to the development of positive horizontal relationships, strengthening the sense of belonging to the school community and had a positive impact on empowerment because the actors involved in the decision-making processes acquire self-awareness and control over their own choices, at a personal level and in relation to social and political life.

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