Second Flemish School Exchange

L2C in Flamand took us to the Gemeentelijk technisch Instituut in Londerzeel



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The 2nd Flemish school exchange meeting took place in Gemeentelijk Technisch Instituut Londerzeel (GTIL), where Barbara, Joren and Bartel hosted the Departement Onderwijs en Vorming at their marvelous new school. The building – 5 years old - is breathtaking and was the first of the "Schools for the Future Program" in Flanders.

GTIL is a small vocational and technical school run by the Municipality of Londerzeel. The headmaster was welcomed by a team with lots of good ideas but not much of a vision or common direction. The Learning Leadership for Change project contributed to the creation of a vision and mission for the school where pupils are central and where its continuous advocacy has resulted in a widely shared policy amongst the team.

The school has now a clear vision on what an innovative learning environment should be; ICT-policy has been developed in an organic way and its investments towards collaborations with the Regional Technology Centre and other partners has increased.



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