IES Los Sauces: the second School Exchange in Spain

Junta Castilla y León shares its second meeting in Benavente, Zamora

The Autonomous Government of Castilla y León organized its second school visit to IES Los Sauces from Benavente, Zamora. This KA3 Learning Leadership for Change visit was particularly fruitful for the teachers from the other schools as they learned about school projects regarding the didactic use of ICT, "OBSERVA_ACCION" a linguistic project with Galicia and other International projects in which the school is involved.

The exchange of experiences and shared leadership, creating networks based on educational programs are aspirations for the BITS Castilla y León schools, a network of schools for the development of proposals for organizational and pedagogical innovation. The BITS schools (Bilingual, Inclusive, Technological and Safe schools) work systematically on global educational innovation projects and of transformation of teaching, to adapt it to the new needs of the century XXI.

The focus of this second school exchange was on the leadership team organization, giving special emphasis in the participation of students in the decision making of what type of school they wished to be part of, as well as the work done on innovation, investigation, ICT, STEM, e-safety and the promotion of health and well-being among the education community.

After the observation of the projects of IES LOS SAUCES high school and the way their leadership team works, the rest of the schools are going to decide what aspects could be of application in their school and to incorporate what they consider more suitable for their setting and leadership needs. Besides, the innovative projects on STEM, the promotion of their School Linguistic Project and the international projects were very enriching for the rest of the schools and will be incorporated somehow in their educative projects.
The next job shadowing visit will be at the beginning of June in IES Pablo Díez from Boñar, León.

Read more about this exchange on the article pubilshed on Interbenavente


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