First L2C School Meeting in Flanders

A meeting with the L2C Team from RHIZO Lyceum Kortrijk


The first L2C School Exchange Meeting in Flanders took place in the city of Kortrijk on Tuesday 26 of February 2019. Our kind hosts were the L2C Team from RHIZO Lyceum Kortrijk, a General Secondary School that over the past years has considerably invested in ICT, innovation, 1-1-computing. The school built their own Future Classroom Lab based on the zones concept as developed in the FCL in Brussels.

Developing a long-term plan

The day started with a discussion on the 1–1 laptop program rolled out in the whole school community, composed of 7 campuses. Discussion with the other schools started concerning the following topics:

  • how the leadership approach was developed
  • how to have a supported decision by the whole school team
  • how to convince the School Board to invest
  • how to overcome practical barriers.


A state of the art FCL Lab 21.0

 clearInvestments in both resources, time and personnel were key to rolling out 1-1 computing programs, not only in this school but also in the other schools around the table. Our tour of the schools' own FCL Lab 21.0 showed us that its use ranges from science classes to project work and, to our pleasant surprise, even a nearby primary school was using the FCL for a lesson. Important is to mention the many synergies the school has (and actively seeks) with local based companies, such as Barco, SIOEN and Televic, with University Colleges (Howest, VIVES, Artevelde) and with researchers from the Kortrijk based University Faculties (in particular the Imec-ITEC research unit), has clearly paid off.


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