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What is a Shared Leadership approach in schools and why it is important for the school development process? How can a school vision, evidence gathering and collaboration contribute to school change? What policies are favourable to the uptake of shared leadership in educational communities?
All the above questions have been considered in this section, offering a wide range of materials (including videos, guidelines, courses, action plans, promotional materials…) divided into three main sections: videos, documents and dissemination materials. Furthermore, two icons indicate the target audience:

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Leadership Videos

Webinar introducing L2C schools to the use of the eSafety Label (10/12/2018)

Expert live session during the Shared Leadership in Your School MOOC with Patricia Wastiau


eSafety Label
Webinar (soon)

3.6 Live Event

Professor Alma Harris explains what shared leadership is and why it is important.

Presentation by Professor Alma Harris at the AITSL Flagship Professional Learning Program: Local Leadership Conference, March 2013.


Alma Harris - Distributed Leadership

Professor Alma Harris Distributed leadership


Participants of the L2C project share their experience in adopting shared leadership practices.

Participating schools in L2C project share what they find important to keep in mind as they implement shared leadership practices in their schools.

Setting up a Theory of Change is like making a roadmap that outlines the steps by which you plan to achieve your goal(s).

1.2 Belgium-Italy

Module 1.2 Spain-Malta

DIY toolkit: Theory Of
Change (Nesta UK)

This video provides an introduction to shared leadership. This video was produced through a partnership between NJDOE and NJIT to support educators in the Blended Online Learning Modules.

Host Terry Wilhelm speaks with Joe Balleweg, Principal, Great Oak High School, Temecula Valley Unified School District, about student interventions that have been put into place at his school.

Tools for Effective Principal Leadership: Vision

Shared Leadership

Best Practices in Shared Leadership

Tools for Effective Principal Leadership

L2C school Provinciaal Instituut Lommel (PROVIL) in Lommel, Belgium. School leaders and teachers work together, and unerline important things they keep in mind.

Understand how to collaborate to review your school vision and values and identify when to redevelop or refresh.

Dr. Patricia Deklotz discusses how to challenge the status quo by going to the charter provision and creating a pilot process for transformation.

An example of data gathering in schools

Leadership Scenarios:
New role, new vision

Empowering leaders and teacher leading

This video features the Middle School Instructional Leadership Team at Capital City Public Charter, an EL Education school in Washington, D.C.

Action plan example video

The 12th and 13th of November Junta Castilla y Leon organised the last school exchange visit to two High Schools in Valladolid.

Shared leadership teams

L2C Action plan
example video

The last L2C school exchange visit: Junta Castilla y Leon

L2C Learning Leadership for Change Project has interviewed teachers about the implementation of Shared Leadership in their School.

Animation fostering shared School Leadership and effective networking through capacity building

Policy Makers interview about the implementation of Shared Leadership in schools

L2C Teachers Video

L2C Animation

L2C Policy Makers Video


Documents & Links

Guidelines for the use of L2C's visual identity. The objective is to define the criteria for management and use.

Written description of the full identification and selection  process  within  the  different  countries/regions of  the  L2C  project. programme.

Guideline to assist in the planning, preparing and follow up with the national introductory workshops.

L2C Visual Guidelines

School selection process

Introductory Workshops Guideline

Introduction to Nesta's theory of change (slides by St. Nicholas College)

Introduction to Nesta's theory of change (slides by INDIRE)

Written description providing guidance on the development of exchange meetings at the school level within the L2C network

Nesta's Theory of Change Introduction

Nesta's Theory of Change Introduction (Italian)

School Exchange Guideline

The reference guide to the Future Classroom Model highlights the main features at each level and for each of the five dimensions of the FCL Maturity Tool.

Guideline to assist in the planning, preparing and follow up of shared leadership workshops and the policy meetings. Example agenda in Annex.

Guideline to assist in the planning, preparation and follow up of the national policy meetings. Example agenda (Annex 1).

Future Classroom
Model Reference Guide

Leadership Workshops Guideline

National Policy
Meetings Guideline

Expert live session durin the Shared Leadership in Your School MOOC with Patricia Wastiau (PPT)

Guidance for Developing a Theory of Change for Your Programme (Nesta's toolkit)

A Framework for Shared Leadership by Linda Lambert, online article and links to other scholarly articles

Helping mainstream
innovative practice

Nesta's Theory of Change

A Framework for
Shared Leadership

Strategies for the development of shared leadership

Different Approaches to Leadership - Series of Articles

Different approaches to leadership, between management and share leadership

Strategies for the development
of shared leadership

Different Approaches to Leadership - Series of Articles

What type of leadership is most effective? (Italian)

This toolkit is to provides policy makers with the tools to reflect upon, identify challenges and prioritize areas for policy action to support and enhance school leadership for equity and learning.

This paper aims to investigate a model of leadership for Maltese schools in the light of recent changes in the educational system.

Example of a (L2C shared leadership) action plan

The EPNoSL Toolkit: School Leadership for equity and learning

Effective leadership as a model for schools in 21st century

MOOC example of an L2C action plan

Exemplary action plans from the L2C schools

Workshop during the 36th Science Projects Workshop in the Future Classroom Lab Brussels, 24-25 January 2020

On 11 and 12 December, two important meetings were held at the Indire headquarters in Florence. Here a collection of presentations

L2C MOOC | Exemplary action
plans from the L2C schools

Shared Leadership Workshop (Slides)

L2C National Policy Meeting and National Policy Dialogue


Promotional Material





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MOOC Booklet

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