L2C is developing a mini online course with the active contribution of the project participant schools based on the results of the self-assessment activities. Built as an interactive tool, the online course is built upon resources and ongoing discussion provided by the school leadership contributors.

The main aim of the course is to develop shared school leadership capacity by designing and planning a holistic leadership strategy. Shared school leadership aims to reflect the involvement of the school head, pedagogical advisers, teachers, librarians, ICT coordinators, etc. This is the reason why participation in the course is not on an individual basis, but on a school leadership team/group basis. The mini online course is open to participant schools from the five project countries.

This mini online course will serve as a base for the final international Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) to be launched on the third year of the project. The final MOOC will be open to everyone and will provide teachers, educators and head of schools with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to implement a shared leadership strategy at the level of the school institution. The international MOOC will be also published as Open Educational Resource (OER) available to anyone interested in the topic of shared leadership.